24 Hour Sale

24 Hour Sale!


2014 Summer Doubles SAQ + Strength

2014 SAQ: Speed, Agility & Quickness

2014 SAQ

Unlimited June Thru October + Bonus May

June - Halloween Special

Women's Boot Camp

Real Man Strength


Monthly payments can be used for one or all of your family members working out with us. If you have 2 people working out 3 times per week each, the charge is for 6 days = $170; instead of $100 each for both family members. We accept Cash, Check and CC in person.  You may also pay online with the link below. We look forward to helping build you better for life.

Total Number of Training Days for Whole Family per Week


You can use a punch card for yourself or share it with your family members. When you purchase a Punch Card here, online, bring your receipt in with you to TFC and we will give you a punch, card, that is ;-) at your first session. Cash & check accepted in person @TFC as well. All punch cards expire 6 months from the date of purchase.


Pay for two months of training and save...


This option allows you to pay for your classes for 1/3 of the year at a time. Less time making payments and more time for working out, not to mention the price is discounted even further! 1/3 PACKAGES apply to year round classes. and do not include Summer Athlete Camps.  Just because you choose this option for 1/3 of the year, does not mean you have to choose it all year.  The same concept of family discount in the above two options also applies to 1/3 YEAR PACKAGE RATE (see below for explanation if needed).  The 2012-13 1/3 YEAR Calendar is noted below. All 1/3 YEAR Payments are due no later than the first day of each noted time period.  

We accept Cash & Check in person.  To pay by CC, you must pay online through PayPal. (The family discount is as follows: Count up the total number of classes your family members are taking each week and see the price attached to it. For example: A mother and 2 daughters are taking 2 classes each, 3 times per week for a total of 6 classes per week.  Instead of each being charged $125 per season for a family total of $375, their total would be $285 per Season for the 3 of them together.)

SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 31 - Payment due no later than 1st class in September.
JANUARY 2 - APRIL 21         - Payment due no later than January 2.
APRIL 22 - AUGUST 31        - Payment due no later than April 22.

1- Year Title Run Package

Are you on a Title Run?  Then this is the set-up for you!! On top of your free-reign (minus the fact that men are not allowed in the ladies' boot camp classes), the TFC Title Run Package also includes 2 Multi-dimensional Athlete Profiles (a.k.a. the TFC MAP worth $250.00 each + Full Athlete and Wellness Nutrtional Profiling + Individualized Programming for Optimum Physical Performance + One free highlight reel valued at $500 each.) If you are looking to take your performance to the next level, this is the one stop shopping with all of the personal feedback tools and classes to follow them up that you need.  What are you waiting for? You think colleges and sports teams are looking for procrastinators?

We accept Cash & Check in person.  To pay by CC, you must pay online through PayPal. See below for family rates.

Good for one full year from the date of purchase.


To participate in classes at Titletown Fight Club, all registrants and class attendees, regarless of age or gender, are required to have one of the following membership cards: (This will not be done for you. Regardless of purchase date, all memberships through these external companies are September 1 - August 31.) If you already possess a valid card as a coach or a participant in another sport, please present it when you arrive the first time at TFC and we will make a copy of it and include it in your file.)

a. AAU. Most members will be in this category. AAU covers all of the sports, classes and modalities that we teach at TFC. Go to Login if you already have an account, otherwise create one.  You will purchase an Athlete Membership no matter what your age is.  Prices start at $14 and are usually no more than $30 for the entire year and are fully dependent upon what classes you sign up for.  Once you have a copy of your card, please bring it with you to the club to your first class or email it to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

b. NYWAY. This membership pertains to all of the wrestlers working out at TFC from youth through high school whether you compete for us or not.  To roll on the mat and practice with your team, you have to have a NYWAY card. It does make you eligible compete at NYWAY and NUWAY tournaments as well as Gene Mills Eastern Nationals.  Cost is $17.   Another added benefit of NYWAY is that a portion of the fee is dedicated to growing a wrestling fund in NYS that this year actually helped Westchester Community College reinstate their wrestling program.)

c. USA WRESTLING. Generally, the only ones that will have a USA Wrestling card are the wrestlers that participate with Mohawk Valley and should already have a USAW card.  If this is the case, please bring it with you when you come to TFC to workout either on the mat or a class.  

We are a sanctioned USAW Practice Facility through Mohawk Valley Wrestling Club. 

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